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My new gig at Acton (including links to articles and podcasts)

I'm now and Affiliate Scholar at the Acton Institute, so I'll be writing for them regularly. This is fun because it expands into lots of topics that touch on faith (not just those related to my book). Here we've got thoughts on how conservatives can be pro-vax but anti-lockdown; whether Dave Ramsey did a good job when a landlord asked him about raising rent; and how a classical liberal might approach the question of reparations. I also did a podcast on the Acton Line called Black Flourishing In the Marketplace.

Podcast on Acton Line:

"Practicing Prudence and Gratitude in the Age of Covid"

"Dave Ramsey, Christian Witness, and the Morality of Markets"

"Here's How to Offer Reparations in a Free Society"

Then I had an hour long discussion with Kira Davis about the article on reparations:

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